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Patios Bryan – When the summer hits Texas the evenings are amazing, and this encourages a lot of people to spend more time on their patio. A patio is a gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors, making entertainment easy with barbecue options and plenty of casual seating. Relaxing, eating, and reading a book are some of the activities that people like to use their patio for. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your patio with Bryan Decorative Concrete. We have lots of affordable options for that patio that needs some TLC, just give us a call and we can help you to update it with decorative concrete.

Bryan Decorative Concrete has a team that is ready to help you to update your patio and make it a space that everyone can enjoy with some of the most amazing modern products. Our knowledge, experience and expertise has been increased over time through the completion of many successful projects. If you have a goal in mind to improve your patio and make it not only beautiful but also comfortable, we have a team that will work with you to improve it and transform it into your dream patio. There are many great reasons why using decorative concrete to update your patio is a great choice, here are a few of them:

We Provide Fast and Efficient Service

Bryan Decorative Concrete will upgrade your patio without having to remove your existing patio. The product that we use is a polymer-based overlay that transforms your patio instantly. There is no need to destroy the patio you have, and the time we need to complete your new patio is small in comparison to starting from scratch.

We Use Custom Products

The products that we utilize to decorate and design your updated patio will create the patio that you have been dreaming of. We work to tie in the colors of your landscape and home. We provide you with the look you want through many different products that can appear to be expensive stone, marble, tile, whatever you desire. We can stain the concrete and match it to whatever you want.

You Will Save Money

There are so many companies out there that will gladly redesign your patio for you. Sadly, they want you to spend a boat load of money to do it. We understand that you want to save as much money as possible, so we will help you to get the look and upgrade that you want without the massive cost outlay.

We want to update your patio to one that is customized to suit your tastes and needs. We work with your existing patio, adding to it and making it something that you will be able to enjoy for decades into the future. Once your project has been completed, you will definitely feel pride as you are able to entertain family and friends on your new patio, with everyone asking you how you got such incredible results at such a great price.

Bryan Decorative Concrete will work with you during your project. We understand that your home is your most important asset and the work that we do will increase its value. We will work with you to customize out work so that it suits your needs. We take our work seriously and always work to complete every job to our high standards. As a licensed supplier and dealer of products manufactured by Concrete Technology, Inc., we want to assure you that you are getting the absolute best material that is also affordable, durable and very low maintenance.

Upon arrival at your home, we will undertake an inspection of your existing patio and then offer you an estimate and outlay of the work we plan to complete on the project. 


We also let you know what to expect to us as we work on your project. If you are ready for change, we are ready to provide you with that incredible transformation. Bryan Decorative Concrete offers you our professional team that will bring your dream project to life.

Ready to get started? Pick up the phone and give us a call or fill out the form on our website. We are ready to work with you on your next decorative concrete project!

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