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Acid Stain

Acid Stain Bryan

Acid Stain Bryan – Most people don’t know what their options are when they want to make improvements to the concrete around their home. Concrete is a very expensive product, so breaking it up and removing it can be cost-prohibitive. There is an affordable alternative to concrete replacement, and that is a process called acid staining. This process gives concrete a completely unique look by applying a stain to it that contains a mixture of acid and water. This chemical mixture has so many options for decorative choices when you use it to stain the concrete around you home.

At Bryan Decorative Concrete we work together with you so that you can see the possibilities of acid stained concrete. The look of this application can make a huge improvement to the look of not only your home but also the hardscape features that surround your home. Looking to improve your concrete surfaces including walkways, driveway, patio or floors? Acid staining is a wonderful option that has different results every time it is applied so you know that your look is unique. Since the product is available ins such a wide range of colors you will be able to achieve any look that you want without worrying about staying within your allocated budget.

The Staining Process Explained

The acid staining process is one that changes each time due to the type of stain that is used. Generally, the process is an alternative to completely replacing all concrete, so the result is much faster, easier and less expensive. Here is how the process works:


We check for any issues with the surface while we are preparing it for staining. Any possible issues with the surface can alter the setting of the stain.


You choose the stain that you like, we apply it over the surface that is to be stained. We make certain that the surface is stained evenly, and any problem areas are touched up. The finish will then look clean when it is completed.


During this phase of the process we neutralize the acid stain so that the concrete retains its best look.


You want the treatment to stay on the surface of the concrete for a long time, so we seal the stain to protect it. Sealing maintains the stain and helps to give it durability.

Depending on whether you are dealing with exterior or interior concrete, there are plenty of different options. As a licensed supplier and dealer of Concrete Technology, Inc., we can offer the best products in a wide range of color choices. You can use this product and process on a wide range of surfaces both inside and outside of your home. Wherever you choose to use this product you are going to be amazed at the result on completion.

Acid Stain
Acid Stain

The products that we utilize on every job have the deepest tones and lasting patterns. The designs that we create endure for many years. We only use products that are safe and these dry quickly so we can complete the work sooner at an affordable price. There is no need to wait until you can afford this process, the time is now, and the result is going to blow your mind.

Are you ready to update and transform your concrete? Whether you are looking for vibrant or earthy tones, we can provide you with the finished product that is the right option for you. Our professional team over at Bryan Decorative Concrete is ready to help you to choose the right products for your project. We have plenty of patterns and colors that you can consider. We can offer you an estimate based on the products that you choose and the area that you want to transform.

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There is no reason to put off the transformation of your home. This is an option that is affordable, and the results will astonish you. Contact us today, our team is ready to provide you with an update you can take pride in. Our professional team can offer you a wide range of options and their professional skills will make your visions come to life in the completed project.

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