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Are you looking to improve the appearance of the concrete in and around your home? Bryan Decorative Concrete is dedicated to ensuring that all our customers have access to the best quality products on the market. We carry a complete line of products that suit any concrete project you may want to undertake.

One such product, the CTI Hallmark System is a way to turn bland concrete into an eye-popping display. This system is straightforward with five basic steps that are completed for every application of this product including:

Preparation Work

If you want a project to turn out well, the quality of the preparation work is the key. With the CTI Hallmark system the surface must be prepared with a special solution wash and then pressure washed. Any old coatings must also be removed, then crack repair is completed.

We Apply the Base Coat

Next, we apply the base coat (skim coat) by troweling on a very thin layer of acrylic modified cement over the prepared cement. The result is 3-fold – the even texture will accept a spray coat, the color of the skim coat becomes the “grout lines” or design in the completed project and third, any imperfections are filled and smoothed.

We Create a Design

We create a design using a special filament tape or a special stencil and then lay out the pattern on the cement.

Using Special Hopper Guns

Using special hopper guns, we spray the cement with the main color and texture, being careful to cover the entire work area. We follow this up with a few different highlight colors to add some depth and make it appear realistic. After this has dried, we remove the tape to reveal the completed design.

We Apply Coats

We apply two or three coats of a CTI sealer to complete the work.

If you are thinking about upgrading a driveway, patio, walkway, garage or a pool deck, you want to ensure that the product that you use is strong and long lasting. The Hallmark System is a great option because it provides a new surface over your old concrete with a new design complete with colors, patterns and textures. There are several great benefits associated with using this product and we can help you to complete your installation of it quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using the Hallmark System Around Your Home

The Hallmark System is just one of many incredible products that CTI offers. If you have been wanting to update the concrete around your home, this is an amazing option. Here are several of the benefits you will enjoy with the installation of Hallmark:

  • Easy Customization: The Hallmark system is easy to customize, with a massive selection of patterns, colors and textures. You can create your own design and we can make it come to life with this system. We work with these products on a regular basis and understand how to get you the best result possible.
  • Affordability: You get a customized look without the enormous price tag. This product is perfect in so many different situations ad the cost is much lower than having customized concrete work completed.
  • Durability: The products used in the Hallmark system make this a durable installation that you will be able to enjoy for decades to come. It is perfect for high traffic areas and will not stain, crack, freeze or fade.

Choose Bryan Decorative Concrete for all Your CTI Work

We know that concrete work is expensive, and we do our best to restore that concrete or use various products over top of the old concrete to renew it, upgrading it to a higher quality than the original installation. Most people want a quality product and need the price to be reasonable and that’s why the Hallmark system is a great choice. This work improves the look of your concrete and increases the value of your home while saving you a pile of money.

The CTI Hallmark system allows you to dream up and create a pattern that has the same look as brick, flagstone or tile. The result is that you get the look you want at an affordable price. At Bryan Decorative Concrete we use Concrete Technology, Inc. products in all our installations because we know that these are high quality products that will stand up to the test of time. Our highly specialized team can help you to select products that you can afford. If you are not sure what product you need, we can help you with that and we can explain the Hallmark system to you as well. Please feel free to contact us, we are ready to help make your dreams a reality.

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