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F1 Low Odor Fast Floor System by Concrete Technology, Inc.

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F1 Low Odor

There are so many products that you can use in an out of your home to make it look amazing and increase its value. Concrete Technology Inc. offers a product called the F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system which is a wonderful option for those who don’t want to be inconvenienced with work in their home for more than a day or two.

This F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system is great for workshops and garages or any other area where a durable coating is needed and where the turnaround on installation must be fast.

The F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system from Concrete Technology, Inc. is one of the best possible options to be used for home improvement. When you want to upgrade your home, you want to work with the most experienced installers and to know that you have access to the best possible products.

In most cases, this floor system can be installed in just one day in a residential application. This product cures and hardens and is ready to receive heavy traffic in just 24 hours. When you call the experts at Bryan Decorative Concrete, we are ready to help you to decide which options will work best for you in your home. We can help you to understand what the benefits are of this product and help you to decide if it is right for your home. If the floor in your garage or workshop needs repair and resurfacing, then this is the product that you may decide is right for you for so many reasons.

Why Choose the F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor?

The F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system has plenty of great benefits and is a good choice for your home or business. Here are some of the benefits to choosing to install this product:

Resists Stains

In a garage or workshop the concrete can be very stained with oil and other products and does not end up being very attractive in the long run. The F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system resists stains and is easy to keep clean so that the floor always looks new. This is especially important in a business setting because it looks more professional when the floor is clean and not full of stains.


You can choose the color for your F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system. You can match it to existing décor, or you can choose something completely different, it’s up to you.

Has More Strength than Concrete Alone

Concrete tends to crack and chip over time with constant use and traffic. The F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor System helps to strengthen concrete and offers a tough surface that is low maintenance.

Why Should You Consider the F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor System?

If there is a concrete floor around your home that needs repair the F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor system may be a great option for you. It is a product that stands the test of time and can be applied in many different areas from floors to countertops. The product is a durable one that is perfect for garage floors because it sets up quickly so that the surface can be used again within 24 hours. The F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor System is used quite often in commercial settings because it is designed to take a beating.

When you have decided to use a certain product, you want to know that the company that is installing that product is knowledgeable about it. Bryan Decorative Concrete is a dealer and supplier of CTI products. What that means is that in addition to installing reliable and durable products, we are fully trained to install those products by the manufacturer of them.

We can come to your home or business and help you to choose the products that would work best for the result you are looking for. We take pride in helping you to see your ideas come to life with the decorative concrete products that we supply and install.

Want to know more about the F-1 Low Odor Fast Floor System? We are available to provide you with an estimate as well as show you what the completed project should look like. Call us today and we can answer all your questions.

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